Liberty Bell

Ring it baby!


OK the Liberty bell isn’t technically a drink. it’s a sort of drinking game.

it starts with a cup. this cup is made of metal and has a round bottom so that it can’t be set down until it’s emptied. what you put in the cup isn’t all that important as long as it super-strong (could be anything like superman or powergirl) but traditionally it’s Jess Quick.

so you have to say “3X2(9YZ)4A” take in down as fast as you can and then say “Z25Y6” and put the empty cup down on the bar usually making a ringing sound.


this originated in collage frats in Boston. you can get disqualified for saying either formula incorrectly but judges will typically not make these rulings until after the bells are rung.

there’s supposedly some secrete math joke going on here but only those actually in the originating frat know for sure.

Liberty Bell

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